CBQF (Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina) was established in 1990, with the mission to steadily develop and disseminate, to the economic and social arena, knowledge and innovation in pivotal areas - Food and Nutrition, Environment and Health with key impacts on human health, well-being and the economy. CBQF has been merited with the Associate Laboratory status since 2004, being the only non-state-owned in Portugal.
Since its foundation, CBQF has been at the forefront of Biotechnology research applied to Food and Environmental challenges, despite this being an intrinsically fast-paced arena, where innovation is key to remain within the state of the art. This has been both a test and a motivation to strive for constant renewal of skills and technologies, driving a continuous search for creative thinking within the CBQF´s collective team. 
Currently, activities are supported by ten Thematic Research laboratories structured in three research groups, alongside collective resources and specialized platforms.

Research groups: