The modern food system is almost indecipherably complex and can be considered to have almost all scientific disciplines embedded in its development, control and day-to-day running. Food is intrinsically linked to health and wellbeing, to land use and sustainability and to the wealth of regions and nations. The science dedicated to the safe, sustainable and competitive supply of food is also considerable but it often is not afforded the projection and recognition given to other subject areas.

For more than 20 years CBQF has been generating and publishing knowledge on food and related issues, in many formats and for many different audiences. The research undertaken contributes knowledge in an attempt to address, albeit very partially, 2 major challenges:

The health and well being of the citizen – Particularly addressing the safety of the food chain – generating new knowledge on key hazards, the risks they represent and the means by which these are controlled and in the protection of the environment – contributing new knowledge and solutions for the identification and mitigation of specific, environmental risks.

The competitiveness of the agricultural and food systems – Focussing on the agro-foods system – by (i) identifying, developing and improving novel ingredients, technologies and strategies which lower costs and add value to food products by their health-, safety- and sensory-based attributes and (ii) working towards the sustainability of agricultural resource usage – creating a knowledge base which contributes to the optimisation of the extraction of value (in its various forms) from agriculture.

The research executed by the laboratory is structured into two research lines: 

1. Food: safer, healthier, more nutritious and more competitive food – made up of: 

  • Food safety (Research Group)
  • Food Quality and Nutrition (Research Group)

2. Environment: Innovative approach to environment and sustainability challenges – made up of:

  • Environmental diagnosis (Research Group)
  • Environment mitigation tools and strategies (Research Group)