Ana Maria Pereira Gomes


Ana Maria Gomes is Associate Professor at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Escola Superior de Biotecnologia (ESB-UCP); she is currently member of the Directive Board of the Research Center, CBQF, and member of the Ethics Committee of UCP – Porto Regional Centre and of the Management Board of Integralar - Knowledge division (PortugalFoods), both in representation of ESB-UCP. She got her degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from University of Coimbra in 1990, and her PhD degree in Biotechnology (Food Science and Technology) from ESB-UCP in 1999. She has co-authored +120 papers in international journals and has supervised/co-supervised 14 PhD theses.

Her major research interests focus: (i) development, characterization and biological validation of nutraceutical ingredients and functional foods (dairy, legume and cereal-based); (ii) valorization of marine-derived by-products and resources (algae); (iii) use of probiotic strains as cell factories, and (iv) micro- or nanoencapsulation. Her teaching activity involves Biochemistry, Nutrition and Health and Pharmacodynamics and Nutrition.




Rodrigues D, Walton G, Sousa S, Rocha-Santos TAP, Duarte AC, Freitas AC, Gomes AMP. 2016. In vitro fermentation and prebiotic potential of selected extracts from seaweeds and mushrooms. LWT- Food Science and Technology 73, 131-139.

Meireles M., Rodríguez-Alcalá L.M, Marques C., Norberto S., Freitas J., Fernandes I., Mateus N., Gomes A.M., Faria A. and Calhau C. 2016. Effect of chronic consumption of blackberry extract on high- fat induced obesity in rats and its correlation with metabolic and brain outcomes. Food Funct. 7:127-139.

Rodrigues D, Freitas AC, Sousa S, Amorim M, Vasconcelos MW, Costa J, Silva AMS, Rocha-Santos TAP, Duarte AC, Gomes AMP. 2017. Chemical and structural characterization of Pholiota nameko extracts with biological properties. Food Chemistry, 216, 176-185.

Fontes, A. L., Pimentel, L.L., Simões, C. D., Gomes, A. M. P. & Rodríguez-Alcalá, L. (2017). Evidences and Perspectives in the Utilization of CLNA Isomers as Bioactive Compounds in Foods. Critical Reviews in Food Science and Nutrition, 57 (12): 2611-2622.

Campos, D.A., Madureira, A.R., Sarmento, B., Pintado, M.M., Gomes, A.M. 2017. Technological stability of solid lipid nanoparticles loaded with phenolic compounds: Drying process and stability along storage. Journal of Food Engineering 196, 1-10.


Scientific areas of activity

Functional foods and ingredients:

(i) characterisation of physiological, biochemical and technological properties of probiotic strains, prebiotic compounds and associated beneficial role: performance as sole starter and nonstarter dairy cultures,

(ii) dairy product technology, microbiology, biochemistry, sensory analysis and microstructure;

(iii) characterization/improvement of traditional dairy products,

(iv) novel functional foods -biotechnology applications, biological activity evaluation of functional ingredients;

(v) enzymes:production, purification and kinetics; and

(vi) consumer science: nutrition communication and education.


Research interests:

  • Probiotics: Biochemical characterization and associated nutritional and therapeutical role of strains incorporated in different food matrices
  • Optimization of processing techniques (e.g. microencapsulation) to assure viability of probiotic strains throughout the food chain and gastrointestinal tract or other functional ingredients.
  • Food and Health: Nutraceuticals (probiotics, prebiotics, antioxidants, antimicrobials, biopeptides, beta-glucans etc.) and validation of bioactivity
  • Milk and Dairy Products: Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Technology, Sensory Analysis and Microstructure of traditional cheeses
  • Selection and characterization of lactic acid bacteria – assessment of technological and safety properties for use as starter cultures. Evaluation and characterization of antimicrobial substances (bacteriocins) thereby.
  • Upgrading of food industry by-products for production of value-added foods (whey, fish, fruit peels etc.)



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