Flavor challenges in an industrial context

23.12.2016 15:30
Escola Superior de Biotecnologia | Campus Asprela

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23.12.2016 15:30 Flavor challenges in an industrial context Link: http://www.cbqf.esb.ucp.pt/en/gateway-events/flavor-challenges-industrial-context

Como Chegar / How to Arrive
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto | Campus Asprela

23 december 2016
Universidade Católica Portuguesa | Campus da Asprela

Room 1.7
Time: 14h30
Speaker: Dr Sara Martins, Unilever Refreshment Team Leader

At Unilever, we make many of the world’s favourite brands, and our products are used 2 billion times a day in over half the households on the planet. But across the world we face new and bigger challenges:

  • nearly 800 million people are without access to safe drinking water and over 2 billion without access to proper sanitation
  • more than 2 million children die each year from preventable diarrhoeal disease
  • 1 in 10 adults is obese while almost 1 billion go hungry
  • climate change is causing extreme weather conditions and changes to the seasons
  • over a billion people live in water-scarce areas
  • demand for food is increasing to feed a growing population.

Governments struggle to agree and implement global solutions on climate change and human development. At Unilever we believe the world cannot wait, the urgency is now and that business and brands have to be part of the solution.

In the current presentation I will focus on the how these challenges impact the way we develop products for consumers and address the flavor challenges.