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ESB researcher wins award at International Scientific Meeting

Thursday, November 21, 2017 - 15:00

Researcher Catarina Vila Real has just won the Best Poster Award at the 6th International Whole Grain Summit, which was held in Vienna on 13-15 November, organized by the Healthgrain Forum and the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology in cooperation with the University of Minnesota. This event brings together world-renowned experts to present the latest knowledge related to Whole Grains. This is the only international conference under this theme and aims to establish contact networks and define strategic plans of action to promote the consumption of whole grains worldwide.
The award-winning work is entitled Technological and biochemical potential of indigenous strains on the fermentation of African native sorghum and millet whole grains, being part of her Ph.D. in Biotechnology which, in turn, is carried out under the project FIBREPRO - Tailored fermentation for delivery of wholegrain and cereal fiber-rich products: promoting dietary fiber intake in Africa and Europe. The study on cereals with little expression at world level, such as Sorghum and Millet, as well as the international partnerships involved in this project, notably with Finland, Kenya and Burkina Faso, was valued.
In addition to Catarina Vila Real, other ESB researchers participated: Ana Pimenta, Ana Cristina Freitas, Elisabete Pinto and Ana Gomes.


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