ESB submitted two new European patents

The CBQF, the research center of the Faculty of Biotechnology, submitted two more European patent applications this summer of 2017. They are:

i) Method for extracting and / or isolating bromelain from pineapples: A technique for extracting and separating bromelain from pineapples, pineapple peels and pineapple stems through biological precipitation. ESB researchers involved: Manuela Pintado, Débora Campos

ii) Method for food processing by high hydrostatic pressure: Food processing technique based on the combination of high pressures with natural antimicrobial agents. This process aims at the destruction of pathogens without compromising the organoleptic and sensorial characteristics of food.

ESB researchers involved: Paula Teixeira, Norton Komora, Cláudia Maciel, Sónia Marília Castro