Marta Vasconcelos invited to Seminar of the Lisbon Academy of Sciences

Dr. Marta Vasconcelos, ESB researcher and specialist in plant nutrition and physiology, was invited by the Lisbon Academy of Sciences to join its Seminar on Young Scientists from January 2017 and during three years. The objective of the initiative is to promote the connection to the Academy of young scientists of exceptional merit in order to stimulate the discussion of socially and scientifically relevant issues through the implementation of activities of an interdisciplinary nature.

The selection process is highly competitive and has identified a group of twenty researchers, which names that are now being invited. The activities of the Young Scientists Seminar include the annual reporting of an interdisciplinary conference that in the past addressed issues such as the economic crisis, the European identity and the national scientific culture. The chosen ones, who can not be more than 40 years of age, come from different areas of knowledge and present a curriculum of international scope receiving, at the end of three years, a certificate of praise from the Institute of High Studies of the Academy.