Escola Superior de Biotecnologia

Two ESB Professors honored in book on research carried out by women

Friday, June 01, 2016 - 13:45

In the year that celebrates its 20th anniversary, Agência Ciência Viva celebrates research in the feminine with the release of a book that brings together more than a hundred portraits of Portuguese researchers. Two professors from ESB: Manuela Pintado and Paula Castro are among the honorees. Their presence appears not only in the work but also in the digital version, patent in a permanent exhibition in the Pavilion of Knowledge.

Below are their testimonies:

Manuela Pintado
"The agri-food biotechnology is the stage of science that I experience every day, always with the same intensity and enthusiasm as the first day, turning what nature offers us more valuable and believing that each solution found will contribute to the national well-being and industrial innovation."

Paula Castro
"In the classroom, in the laboratory and in the field, it is a privilege to explore the contributions of modern biotechnology to solve environmental challenges that affect the day to day of all. I experience the small discoveries like the biggest dream of seing my children grow up in a healthy planet."