Eduardo Luís Cardoso

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Eduardo Luís Cardoso

Eduardo Luís Cardoso holds an appointment as Researcher, Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the task force on Knowledge Transfer and of the Services to Companies at Faculty of Biotechnology – UCP Porto.

He has got a PhD in the area of Innovation from the School of Engineering of the Minho University (PT) and has experience in management roles at different projects and programs from research, innovation and technology commercialization. He also has been member of the board at the Faculty, the CBQF Research Center, and at the AESBUC University-Industry Association. He is graduated in Chemical Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering of the Porto University (FEUP) in the year 1986 and as an Industrial Management Master from the same University.

He teaches Innovation and Entrepreneurship; Learning Technologies; and Research Methodologies in different Undergraduate, Master and PhD Programs, in Business, Science and Technology.

His research interests cover: Innovation; Individual and Organizational Learning; Knowledge Management and Entrepreneurship.

He has coordinated a number of R&D+I projects, some funded in programs like RTD FP or ERASMUS+. He has extensive experience of evaluating R&D+I policies, projects, systems and services. He was consultant of the Evaluation Office from the Education Ministry (PT) where he was also Coordinator of one Competence Center for ICT in Education, cooperating during 10 years on the National Network supporting ICT in Schools

He was team member of one spinoff, in 2009, that now operates in the international markets in the area of Laboratory Technologies.




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