João Paulo Medeiros Ferreira


J. P. Ferreira has a diploma in Chemical Engineering from Porto University, 1987, and a Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1993. He is assistant professor at ESB-UCP since 1993, and currently he is the main lecturer of 5 curricular units, at both BSc. and MSc. levels, but also teaches in other units. He is coordinator of the MSc. program in Biomedical Engineering at ESB-UCP, as well as of the same specialization of the BSc. degree in Bioengineering. In research, he develops projects in dairy science and technology, coffee technology, and other applied food science projects. He has also lead several projects on the biomedical field, such as in controlled release technology, production of recombinant antibodies, and applied protein chemistry.  His publications include several scientific articles in the above fields, as well as pedagogical articles in Biochemistry and in Thermodynamics; he is also the author of a textbook Thermodynamics.




Cristina G. Carolino, João Paulo Ferreira, “First and second law analyses to an energetic valorization process of biogas”, Renewable Energy, 59, 58-64, 2013.

Francisco Bruno Brás Gomes, Symon Riedstra, João Paulo Ferreira, “Development of an immunoassay for ciprofloxacin based on phage displayed antibody fragments”, Journal of Immunological Methods, 358, 17-22, 2010

João Paulo Ferreira, David Alves, Oriane Neves, Joana Silva, Paul A. Gibbs, Paula C. Teixeira, “Effects of the components of two antimicrobial emulsions”, Food Control, 21(3), 227-230, 2010

Paula C. Teixeira, Gonçalo M. Leite, Ricardo J. Domingues, Joana Silva, Paul A. Gibbs, João Paulo Ferreira, “Antimicrobial Effects of Microemulsions on Foodborne Bacteria and Biofilms”, International Journal of Food Microbiology, 118, 15-19, 2007.

Mafalda A. Regado, Betina M. Cristóvão, Freni K. Tavaria, João Paulo Ferreira, Carla G. Moutinho, Victor M. Balcão and F. Xavier Malcata, “Changes in the pool of free fatty acids in ovine, bovine and caprine milkfats, effected by viable cells and cell-free extracts of Lactococcus lactis and Debaryomyces vanrijiae”, Food Chemistry, 103 (4), 1112-1118, 2007.


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