Paul Anthony Gibbs


Academic degrees:

Year  Academic degree  Institution 
1999  Chartered Scientist  Institute Food Science & Technology, UK 
1970  Elected Fellow  Institute Food Science & Technology, UK 
1968  Doctorate  University of Reading, UK 
1960  B.Sc. in Microbiology  University of Reading, UK 


Professional activities:

Period  Position or category  Institution 
2000 to present   Semi-retired, Consultant Leatherhead Food Research, UK 
1978-2000  Chief Microbiologist & Head of Department  Leatherhead Food Research, UK 
1996 to present  Consultant, Guest Researcher  Biotechnology College of the Portuguese Catholic University 
1995-1996  EC Senior Research Fellow Biotechnology College of the Portuguese Catholic University 
1968-1978  Senior / Principal Research Scientist  Agricultural & Food Bacteriology Research Division & Queen's University of Belfast, Northern Ireland 
1960-1968  Research Microbiologist  Wellcome Research Laboratories, UK


Scientific areas of activity

Microbiological Food Safety & Preservation

Research interests:

Food Microbiology:

  • Microbiological food safety- prevalence/incidence of pathogens in foods, virulence factors of pathogenic organisms, typing methods (molecular and phenotypic methods), stress response of pathogenic bacteria, bio-preservation (bacteriocins, bacteriophages, natural antimicrobials). Botulism and Cl. botulinum. Quorum sensing and phenotypic responses.

Food spoilage:

  • Methods of food preservation; interactions between food environments and microbes (microbial food ecology).