Seminário / Seminar

Challenges in Scale-up for Industrial Application

Friday, March 15, 2019 - 14:30

Campus Asprela

Palestrante: Alistair House, A&R House Director

A&R House (BCL) is an SME based in the South West of England, (and currently still in the EU). The business specialises in food waste recycling primarily by drying the wet pomaces from de-juicing plants. Fruit and vegetable waste streams include Blackcurrant and Apple. The pomaces, having been dried by 3 different styles of drying plant, (rotary drum, paddle and belt), are often micronized to create raw materials for the food manufacturer to insert into their recipe. The high fibre raw materials are often used to replace sugar as a functional ingredient in answer to the challenges of reducing childhood obesity. 95%of the production is currently exported, with customers in Japan, China, India, Europe and South America. Micronising using various milling equipment and packaging provides a toll-processing opportunity for European processors to minimise their waste streams, and it is our hope that the drying expertise will be rolled out across other European countries in time.

A&R House (BCL) are pleased to be involved with the Horizon2020 project called FODIAC, and to make acquaintances with all of the partners. We are currently on secondment in UMINHO and have hosted university partners from Portugal and Italy. The hopes are that it will be possible to viably extract polyphenols prior to drying, so that an extra product stream can be valorised before the driers kill off those ingredients by heating them.