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  1. ÁLVAREZ-LÓPEZ, Vanessa; PRIETO-FERNÁNDEZ, Ángeles; BECERRA-CASTRO, Cristina; MONTERROSO, Carmela; KIDD, Petra S. - Rhizobacterial communities associated with the flora of three serpentine outcrops of the Iberian Peninsula. Plant and Soil. ISSN 0032-079X (2016), vol. 403, nº1-2, p.233-252. DOI 10.1007/s11104-015-2632-0. Institutional Repository:
  2. AMARAL, Deborah S. do; CARDELLE-COBAS, Alejandra; NASCIMENTO, Bárbara M. S. do; MADRUGA, Marta S.; PINTADO, M. E. - Goat sausages containing chitosan towards a healthier product: Microbiological, physicochemical textural evaluation. Food & Function. ISSN 2042-650X. Vol. 7, n.º 9 (2016), p. 4020-4029. Institutional Repository:
  3. AMARAL, Olga; GUERREIRO, Cristina S.; GOMES, Ana M.P.; CRAVO, Marília - Resistant starch production in wheat bread: Effect of ingredients, baking conditions and storage. European Food Research and Technology. ISSN 1438-2385. Vol. 242, n.º 10 (2016), p. 1747-1753. Institutional Repository:
  4. AMORIM, Catarina L.; MOREIRA, Irina S.; RIBEIRO, Ana R.; SANTOS, Lucia H. M. L. M.; DELERUE-MATOS, Cristina; TIRITAN, Maria Elizabeth; CASTRO, Paula M. L. -Treatment of a simulated wastewater amended with a chiral pharmaceuticals mixture by an aerobic granular sludge sequencing batch reactor. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation. ISSN 1879-0208. Vol. 115 (2016), p. 277-285. Institutional Repository:
  5. AMORIM, Manuela; PEREIRA, Joana O., GOMES, David, PEREIRA, Carlos Dias, PINHEIRO, Hélder; PINTADO, M. E. - Nutritional ingredients from spent brewer's yeast obtained by hydrolysis and selective membrane filtration integrated in a pilot process. Journal of Food Engineering. ISSN 0260-8774. Vol. 185 (2016), p. 42-47. Institutional Repository:
  6. AMORIM, Maria; PEREIRA, Joana O.; MONTEIRO, Karin M.; RUIZ, Ana L; CARVALHO, João E.; PINHEIRO, Hélder; PINTADO, M. E. - Antiulcer and antiproliferative properties of spent brewer’s yeast peptide extracts for incorporation into foods. Food & Function. ISSN 2042-650. Vol. 7, N.º 5 (2016), p. 2331-2337. Institutional Repository:
  7. Araújo, A. C, Oliveira, S. M, Ramos, I. N, Brandão, T. R. S, & Silva, C. L. M. (2016). Influence of Pretreatments on Quality Parameters and Nutritional Compounds of Dried Galega Kale (Brassica oleracea L. var. acephala). Food and bioprocess technology, 9(5), 872-881. Institutional Repository:
  8. Araújo, Daline Fernandes de Souza; Guerra, Gerlane Coelho Bernardo; Júnior, Raimundo Fernandes de Araújo; Araújo, Aurigena Antunes de; Assis, Paloma Oliveira Antonino de; Medeiros, Ariosvaldo Nunes de; Sousa, Yasmim Regis Formiga de; Pintado, M. E.; Gálvez, Julio - Goat whey ameliorates intestinal inflammation on acetic acid-induced colitis in rats. Journal of Dairy Science. ISSN 1525-3198. Vol. 99, n.º 12 (2016), p. 9383-9394. Institutional Repository:
  9. ASSIS, Fernanda R.; MORAIS, R. M. S. C.; MORAIS, Alcina M. M. B. - Mass transfer in osmotic dehydration of food products: comparison between mathematical models. Food Engineering Reviews. ISSN 1866-7910 (2016), vol.8, nº 2, p. 116-133. DOI 10.1007/s12393-015-9123-1. Institutional Repository:
  10. AYODEJI, Busayo D. ; PICCIRILLO, Clara; FERRARO, Vincenza; MOREIRA, Patrícia R.; OBADINA, Adewale O.; LATEEF, O. Sanni, PINTADO, M. E. - Screening and molecular identification of lactic acid bacteria from gari and fufu and gari effluents. Annals of Microbiology. ISSN 1869-2044. Vol. 67, n.º 1 (2017), p. 123–133. Institutional Repository:
  11. BARBOSA, Ilsa C.; OLIVEIRA, Maria E. G.; MADRUGA, Marta S.; GULLON, Beatriz; PACHECO, Maria T. B.; GOMES, Ana M. P.; BATISTA, Ana S. M.; PINTADO, Maria M. E.; SOUZA, Evandro L.; QUEIROGA, Rita C. R. E. - Influence of the addition of Lactobacillus acidophilus La-05, Bifidobacterium animalis subsp lactis Bb-12 and inulin on the technological, physicochemical, microbiological and sensory features of creamy goat cheese. Food & Function. ISSN 2042-650X. Vol. 7, n.º 10 (2016), p. 4356-4371. Institutional Repository:
  12. BARBOSA, Joana; BORGES, Sandra; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Effect of Different Conditions of Growth and Storage on the Cell Counts of Two Lactic Acid Bacteria after Spray Drying in Orange Juice. Beverages. ISSN 2306-5710. Vol. 2, n.º 2 (2016), 12 p.. Institutional Repository:
  13. BARDEN, David; SPADAFORA, Natasha; MACHADO, Idalina; MUELLER, Carsten; ROGERS, Hilary - Combining Thermal Desorption GC and TOF-MS for the Determination of Melon VOC Profiles. Application Notebook. Sup. S vol.34 (2016), p. 38-42. Institutional Repository:
  14. BECERRA-CASTRO, Cristina; MACEDO, Gonçalo; SILVA, Adrian M.T. ; MANAIA, C. M.; NUNES, Olga C. - Proteobacteria become predominant during regrowth after water disinfection. Science of The Total Environment. ISSN 0048-9697. Vol. 573 (2016), p. 313–323. Institutional Repository:
  15. BENIDIRE, L.; PEREIRA, S. I. A.; CASTRO, Paula M. L.; BOULARBAH, A. - Assessment of plant growth promoting bacterial populations in the rhizosphere of metallophytes from the Kettara mine, Marrakech. Environmental Science And Pollution Research. ISSN 1614-7499. Vol. 23, nº 21 (2016), p. 21751-21765. Institutional Repository:
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  17. BYSTROV, V. S.; PICCIRILLO, C.; TOBALDI, D. M.; CASTRO, P. M. L.; COUTINHO, J.; KOPYL, S.; PULLAR, R. - Oxygen vacancies, the optical band gap (E-g) and photocatalysis of hydroxyapatite: Comparing modelling with measured data. Applied Catalysis B-Environmental. ISSN 0926-3373. Vol. 196 (2016), p. 100-107. Institutional Repository:
  18. CALEJO, Isabel; MOREIRA, Nathalie; ARAÚJO, Ana Margarida; CARVALHO, Márcia; BASTOS, Maria de Lourdes; PINHO, Paula Guedes de - Optimisation and validation of a HS-SPME-GC-IT/MS method for analysis of carbonyl volatile compounds as biomarkers in human urine: Application in a pilot study to discriminate individuals with smoking habits. Talanta. ISSN: 0039-9140. Vol. 148 (2016), p. 486-493. Institutional Repository:
  19. CAMPELOS, Maria Isabel; SILVA, Joana; GIBBS, Paul; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Contributing data for risk assessment of traditional fermented sausages: “Salpicão de Vinhais” and “Chouriça de Vinhais”. Cogent Food & Agriculture. ISSN 2331-1932. Vol. 2, n.º 1 (2016), 8 p.. Institutional Repository:
  20. CARVALHEIRA, Ana; FERREIRA, Vânia; SILVA, Joana; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Enrichment of acinetobacter spp. from food samples. Food Microbiology. ISSN 0740-0020. Vol. 55 (2016), p. 123-127 (short communication). Institutional Repository:
  21. CARVALHO, Ana P.; MENDES, Marta; MOREIRA, Manuela M.M; CRUZ, Diana; MAGALHÃES, Júlia M. C. S.; BARROSO, M. Fátima; RAMALHOSA, M. J.; DUARTE, Abel; GUIDO, Luís; GOMES, Ana M. P.; MATOS, Cristina Delerue - Microwave-assisted extraction in goji berries: Effect on composition and bioactivity, evaluated through conventional and nonconventional methodologies. International Journal of Food Science and Technology. ISSN 1365-2621. Vol. 51, n.º 6 (2016), p. 1401-1408. Institutional Repository:
  22. CARVALHO, Dália R.A.; FANOURAKIS, Dimitrios; CORREIA, Maria J.; MONTEIRO, José A.; ARAÚJO-ALVES, José Pedro L.; VASCONCELOS, Marta W.; ALMEIDA, Domingos P.F.; HEUVELINK, Ep; CARVALHO, Susana - Root-to-shoot ABA signaling does not contribute to genotypic variation in stomatal functioning induced by high relative air humidity. Environmental and Experimental Botany. ISSN 0098-8472. Vol. 123 (2016), p. 13-21. Institutional Repository:
  23. CARVALHO, Dália R.A.; VASCONCELOS, Marta W.; LEE, Sangseok; KONING-BOUCOIRAN, Carole F.S.; VREUGDENHIL, Dick; KRENS, Frans A.; HEUVELINK, Ep; CARVALHO, Susana M. P. - Gene expression and physiological responses associated to stomatal functioning in Rosa x hybrida grown at high relative air humidity. Plant Science. ISSN 0168-9452. Vol. 253 (2016), p. 154-163. Institutional Repository:
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  25. CASQUETE, Rocio; CASTRO, Sonia Marilia; JÁCOME, Samuel; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Antimicrobial activity of ethanolic extract of propolis in "Alheira", a fermented meat sausage. Cogent Food & Agriculture. ISSN 2331-1932. Vol. 2 (2016), 7 p. [short communication]. Institutional Repository:
  26. CASTRO, A.; KOMORA, N.; FERREIRA, Vânia; LIRA, A.; MOTA, M.; SILVA, Joana; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Prevalence of staphylococcus aureus from nares and hands on health care professionals in a portuguese hospital. Journal of Applied Microbiology. ISSN 1365-2672. Vol. 121, n.º 3 (2016), p. 831-839. Institutional Repository:
  27. CASTRO, A.; SANTOS, C.; MEIRELES, H.; SILVA, Joana; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Food handlers as potential sources of dissemination of virulent strains of Staphylococcus aureus in the community. Journal of Infection and Public Health. ISSN 1876-0341. (2016) vol. 9, nº 2, p. 153–160 . Institutional Repository:
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  32. CUNHA, S.; KOMORA, N.; MAGALHÃES, R.; ALMEIDA, Gonçalo; FERREIRA, V.; TEIXEIRA, Paula - Characterization of clinical and food Listeria monocytogenes isolates with different antibiotic resistance patterns through simulated gastrointestinal tract conditions and environmental stresses. Microbial Risk Analysis. ISSN 2352-3522. Vol. 1 (2016), p. 40-60 Institutional Repository:
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