30º Anniversary of CBQF: Closing Conference with a keynote speech from Gunter Pauli


“To celebrate 30 years is to recognize the essence of science in the generation of frontier knowledge, both in technological developments and innovation and in contributing to the training of young researchers who, regardless of where they go, leave their indelible mark of scientific resilience and inspiration to the world.”

CBQF Board of Directors

Between November 2020 and November 2021, CBQF is celebrating its 30th anniversary. How are we celebrating? Take a look to the different initiatives, and join us!

Inaugural Conference | Cycle of Seminars
Exhibition "Then & Now" | Exhibition "My Parent is a Scientist" 
E-book "Me @CBQF"

Inaugural Conference

Take a look to the Inauguration Conference held in November 2020

You can find the agenda here


Cycle of Seminars


Exhibition Then & Now

This exhibition intends to contribute to this anniversary celebration highlighting the research activity of CBQF within the 30 years’ time span comparing the initials moments and now a days. An evidence of the evolution in expect to infrastructures, laboratory equipment, science communication and overall outcomes will be displayed. Soom we will announce the online inauguration!


Soon we will be publishing more information about the initiatives that we are organizing, namely: two online exhibitions, and an e-book about CBQF’s story: Research and its Impact.