Ana Isabel Estevez Pintado

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Ana Isabel Estevez Pintado

Ana Pintado is graduated in Chemical Engineering at School of Engineering of the Polytechnic Institute of Porto in 1994 and holds a master’s degree in Energy Efficiency in the Chemical Industry in 2000. Ana is PhD student (write up phase) in Biotechnology (Food Science and Engineering) at College of Biotechnology, UCP. Research interests include development of new bioactive molecules and valorization of by-products and she has collaborated on several research projects in these areas. She has experience in analytical techniques, including chromatography, electrophoresis and spectrophotometry.
Currently, works at Alchemy project (collaborative project between Amyris Inc. and Biotechnology School of the Portuguese Catholic University (ESB-UCP)) at UCP and she is coordinator of the analytical platform. Author and co-author of 15 papers and 4 book chapters, 46 posters in conferences and 7 oral communications.




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Pintado, A.I., Tavares, T.G., Tavaria, F.K., Malcata, F.X. 2010. Tradition versus modernism in cheesemaking technology: a Portuguese case study encompassing plant coagulant, non-bovine milks and adventitious microflora. Australian Journal of Dairy Technology, 65 (3): 128-134.

Pintado, A.I.E., Pinho, O., Ferreira, I.M., Pintado M.E., Gomes, A.M.P., Malcata, F.X. 2008. Microbiological, biochemical and biogenic amine profiles of Terrincho cheese manufactured in several dairy farms. International Dairy Journal, 18: 631-640.


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