Ana Isabel Ribeiro Lopes

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Ana Isabel Ribeiro Lopes

Ana Isabel Lopes holds a BSc in Biology from Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade do Porto and a MSc in Applied Microbiology from Escola Superior de Biotecnologia – Universidade Católica Portuguesa.
Currently, she is a PhD student in Biotechnology and a researcher on project BIOMA, under the supervision of Professor Manuela Pintado and Professor Freni Tavaria, working on the development of antimicrobial films with plant extracts for biotechnological applications. Her main areas of interest are microbiology, natural polymers, plant extracts, essential oils and antimicrobial films.



Lopes, Ana I.; Tavaria, Freni K.; Pintado, Manuela E. (2020) Conventional and natural compounds for the treatment of dermatophytosis. Medical Mycology. 58(6): 707–720.

Lopes, Ana I.; Tavaria, Freni K.; Pintado, Manuela E. (2017) Application of Chitosan in the Control of Fungal Infections by Dermatophytes. Annals of Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology Journal. 1(1): 1006.


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