Cindy Leonor Alves Dias

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Cindy Leonor Alves Dias

Cindy Dias completed her Integrated Master in Biological Engineering in 2017 from the University of Minho School of Engineering in the field of Chemical and Food Technology. Her master gave her knowledge in multidisciplinary domains of Biological and Chemical Science, Agro and Food industries.  From 2018-2019 she was a Research Fellow at CBQF under the project "ReStoragePear" project with the objective of developing strategies for prevention of scald and internal browning of ‘Rocha’ pear.

Currently, she is a PhD student at ESB-UCP under the Biotechnology doctoral program. Her PhD project will try to respond to a clear Postharvest sector need by developing strategies for the recovery and control of the ripening capacity of 'Rocha' pear stored after treatment with 1-MCP. Her publications reflects her research interests in Food chemistry, Postharvest Technology, natural preservation, bioactive compounds and Food by-product valorization.




Dias, Cindy; Vasimalai, Nagamalai; P. Sárria, Marisa; Pinheiro, Ivone; Vilas-Boas, Vânia; Peixoto, J. M.; Espiña, Begoña. Biocompatibility and bioimaging potential of fruit-based carbon dots. Nanomaterials, 9(2), 199, 2019 (

C.Dias, A.Amaro, Â.Salvador, S. M. Rocha, A. Silvestre, N.Isidoro, M.Pintado. Strategies to Preserve Postharvest Quality of Horticultural Crops and Superficial Scald Control: From Diphenylamine Antioxidant Usage to More Recent Approaches. Antioxidants, 9(4), 356, 2020, (10.3390/antiox9040356)

Dias, Cindy, Alexandre M. A. Fonseca, Ana L. Amaro, Ana A. Vilas-Boas, Ana Oliveira, Sonia A. O. Santos, Armando J. D. Silvestre, Sílvia M. Rocha, Nélson Isidoro, and Manuela Pintado. 2020. “Natural-Based Antioxidant Extracts as Potential Mitigators of Fruit Browning.” Antioxidants 9(8):715. (10.3390/antiox9040356)

Fonseca, Alexandre M. A., Cindy Dias, Ana L. Amaro, Nélson Isidoro, Manuela Pintado, Armando J. D. Silvestre, and Sílvia M. Rocha. 2020. “The Impact of Plant-Based Coatings in ‘ROCHA’ Pear Preservation during Cold Storage: A Metabolomic Approach.” Foods 9(9):1299, (10.3390/foods9091299)

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Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

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PhD student

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