Daniela Alexandra Correia Rodrigues

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Daniela Alexandra Correia Rodrigues


MSc. in Biological Engineering from the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Resources of the University of Algarve. Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) is ongoing. She is Laboratory Assistant in Alchemy project of Portuguese Catholic University (UCP). Main research interest include post-harvest techniques in order to evaluate post-harvest physical and chemical properties in fresh-cut fruits and vegetables, invasive and non invasive techniques in order to evaluate the internal quality of fruits, mathematical models construction to predict the internal quality of fruit and fatty acids profile determination in several matrixes. More recently, the main research interest involves the characterization pipeline of several strains of Spent Brewer´s Yeast which include quality control, biological activities determination and bioactive compounds identification and quantification. She participate in the contest “Ideias em Caixa 2010” in Faro (Algarve) and won the first prize. In 2011, she participate in “Fruit Logistica” in Berlin (Germany) in order to demonstrate a prototype to determine the total soluble content in fruits in an automated calibration line.




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