Isabel Sofia Melo Pereira

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Isabel Sofia Melo Pereira

Isabel Pereira has a Biochemistry graduation (2010), a Bioengineering MSc (2012), a Biomedical Engineering PhD (2019), and a specialization course in Project Management, all at University of Minho. Her PhD work focused on the study of the biocompatibility, safety and effectiveness of a dextrin-based hydrogel, aiming to act as a multifunctional and injectable matrix able to carry and stabilize bone graft granules, stem cells and peptides for bone regeneration. After PhD completion, she went on my work with dextrin HG, aiming to develop new strategies for bone infections treatment, and developed and characterized a self-perforating pH responsive membrane for oral drug delivery. In July 2019, she was hired as PhD Researcher at the CF-UM-UP to developed hydrogels for 3D printing and piezoelectric polymer-based films containing conductive polymers for further tissue engineering applications. Currently, she’s working at Amyris Bio Products Portugal, where she is responsible for genotoxicological assays. Her current research interests are bioactive compounds and functional ingredients for the development of new hygienic, cosmetic and health care products based on circular and sustainable framework economy.




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