Joana Abreu Silva

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Joana Abreu Silva

Joana Abreu Silva holds a BSc degree in Biochemistry, Faculty of Sciences (2014) and a MSc degree in Public Health, Faculty of Medicine (2017) from the University of Porto, Portugal. As a Research Trainee and Fellow different Lab environments, Joana developed technical and scientific skills on the research areas of molecular epidemiology, zoonotic pathogens, viral and bacterial infections in hospital settings.

Under FCT-funded studentships (SFRH/BD/148411/2019), she is a PhD candidate in Biotechnology, Faculty of Biotechnology-UCP Porto in collaboration with bioMérieux France. Abreu-Silva, J. scientific interests have evolved towards Comparative genomics & Transcriptomics to unveil and ultimately predict the potential of environmental antibiotic resistant bacteria to cause opportunistic infections in humans.

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