Joana de Freitas Salgado de Fundo

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Joana de Freitas Salgado de Fundo

With a BSc in Food Engineering, MSc in Food Science and Technology and PhD degree in Biotechnology, with the specialization in Food Science and Technology, Joana Fundo is a researcher for Alchemy Project at the Center for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF), Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

Her research expertise focuses on quality and safety evaluation of minimally processed fruits/vegetables and fruit juices, as well as, on physical properties, stability and molecular dynamics in minimally processed fruit. Research activities on fruit and vegetables innovative processing and storage technologies. Industry working experience, consulting, and benchmarking activities with AgroFood industry.

Author and co-author of 23 international scientific article and 1 chapter of book on these topics. Participation in international and national projects and supervision of several international master and PhD students.

Currently she develops work on yeasts fermentation processes characterization and on co-products valorization, aiming new products development for the AgriFood industry.




Amaro, A.L.; Fundo, J.F.; Oliveira, A.; Beaulieu, J.C.; Fernández-Trujillo, J.P. & Almeida, D.P.F. (2013). 1-Methylcyclopropene effects on temporal changes in aroma volatiles and phytochemicals of fresh-cut cantaloupe. Journal of Science of Food and Agriculture, 93: 828-837. 

Fundo, J.F.; Quintas, M.A.C. & Silva, C.L.M. (2015). Molecular Dynamics and Structure in Physical Properties and Stability of Food Systems. Food Engineering Reviews, 7: 384-392.

Fundo, J.F.; Amaro, A.L.; Madureira, A.R.; Carvalho, A.; Feio, G.; Silva, C.L.M. & Quintas, M.A.C. (2015). Fresh-cut melon quality during storage: a NMR study of water transverse relaxation time. Journal of Food Engineering, 167: 71-7.

Fundo, J.F.; Miller, A.F.; Tremarin, A.; Garcia E.; Brandão T.R.S. & Silva C.L.M. (2018). Quality assessment of Cantaloupe melon juice under ozone processing. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies, 47: 461-466.

Miller, A.F.; Fundo, J.F.; Garcia E.; Santos, J.R.; Silva C.L.M.  & Brandão T.R.S. (2020).  Physicochemical and Bioactive Characterization of Edible and Waste Parts of “Piel de Sapo” Melon. Horticulturae, 6(4), 60.

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Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

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