Pedro Miguel Constante de Sousa

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Pedro Miguel Constante de Sousa

I have a Bachelor degree in Microbiology (2016) and a Master degree in Biotechnology and Innovation (2019) from Portuguese Catholic University. My main areas of work are compounds extraction through various methodologies (e.g enzymatic) and its chemical characterization, such as protein content or amino acids profile. I also have experience in evaluating biological properties, such as antioxidant or antihypertensive activity. At the present, I work as a Lab assistant/PhD student at ALCHEMY, a UCP-Amyris joint collaboration project, in Porto.




Pedro Sousa, Sandra Borges and Manuela Pintado (2020). Enzymatic hydrolysis of insect Alphitobius diaperinus towards the development of bioactive peptide hydrolysates. Food & Function, issue 4, DOI: 10.1039/d0fo00188k

Margarida Faustino, Mariana Veiga, Pedro Sousa, Eduardo M. Costa, Sara Silva and Manuela Pintado (2019). Agro-Food Byproducts as a New Source of Natural Food Aditives. Molecules 24(2), 1056, DOI:10.3390/molecules24061056


PhD student

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