CBQF - Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina

Food and Nutrition, Environment and Health

CBQF (Centro de Biotecnologia e Química Fina) was established in 1990, with the mission to steadily develop and disseminate, to the economic and social arena, knowledge and innovation in pivotal areas - Food and Nutrition, Environment and Health with key impacts on human health, well-being and the economy. CBQF has been merited with the Associate Laboratory status since 2004, being the only non-state-owned in Portugal.

The forefront of Biotechnology research applied to Food and Environmental challenges

Since its foundation, CBQF has been at the forefront of Biotechnology research applied to Food and Environmental challenges, despite this being an intrinsically fast-paced arena, where innovation is key to remain within the state of the art. This has been both a test and a motivation to strive for constant renewal of skills and technologies, driving a continuous search for creative thinking within the CBQF´s collective team.


Research Groups

Currently, activities are supported by thirteen Thematic Research laboratories structured in four research groups, alongside collective resources and specialized platforms.
Environment and Resources

The Environment and Resources Group aims at developing innovative approaches to environment and sustainability challenges, working towards specific national interests and internationally relevant topics in frame of the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda goals(...)

Food and Nutrition

The overall objectives of the Food and Nutrition Group are centred on promoting the health and wellbeing of the citizen – focusing on the EU priorities for high standards of safe, nutritious and affordable food aligned with the 2030 Agenda goals(...)

Biobased and Biomedical Products

The Biobased and Biomedical Products Research Group has been reorganized to combine CBQF capacity to respond to National and EU priority for future growth of Bioeconomy and Circular Economy, reinforcing capacity and opportunities on the bio-based products(...)

Fermentation Solutions

The Fermentation Solutions Research Group focuses on white biotechnology fermentation processes, on the resulting by-products and value-added biomolecules, using renewable sources of carbon and nutrients (e.g. sugarcane). (...)