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09-11-2021 17:30
A talk by Lukasz Dziewit, Professor at the University of Warsaw (Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology), Poland.
28-10-2021 17:00
With a keynote speech by Gunter Pauli, author of the book Blue Economy and the “´father” of the Circular Economy!
27-10-2021 16:00
It is with great pleasure that we introduce you AeroTalks, in the frame of the EU Project AERoGels (COST CA18125 ‐ Advanced Engineering and Research of aeroGels for Environment and
09-10-2021 09:00
Get to know the winners of the Amyris Innovation BIG Impact Award.
30-09-2021 17:00
In the scope of CBQF celebration of its 30 years, CBQF is organizing a Cycle of Seminars about several topics related with different areas of research.
30-09-2021 08:00
Logotipo radiant PROJECT
27-09-2021 08:00
The RADIANT - ReAlising DynamIc vAlue chaiNs for underuTilised crops Project Kick-off Meeting and General Assembly will be held September 27-29th, 2021 in Porto, Portugal, at Universidade Católica Portuguesa.