AQUAVAL - Valuing the use of water in aquaculture through the use of multi-trophic treatment systems

Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto

The AQUAVAL Project aims to develop technological solutions for the treatment of freshwater aquaculture plants.

The system assumes the use of organisms of different trophic levels: bacteria, microalgae and bivalves. The technological solutions will be combined in order to obtain a complete treatment system, to remove pollutants and to value effluents following the concept of circular economy.

The water resulting from the treatment system must be of sufficient quality to be recycled / reused in the production plant or to be discharged into the natural waterways. The treatment system will include the application of aerobic granule technology combined with other processes, such as anammox or microalgae.

The resulting water will be sent to a bivalve filtration unit in order to test the growth capacity of these organisms and at the same time improve the efficiency of the proposed system. In this step of water purification, adult bivalves will be used, but eventually endangered species of freshwater mussels may also be used, thus promoting biodiversity and the conservation of endangered species.

Pilot-scale validation will assess the economic, environmental and production performance of the system. In addition to the economic benefits, a reduction of the environmental impact is expected, which will promote the social perception of aquaculture companies.


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