The governance of the centre is organized to assure an efficient monitoring of research activities, infrastructure, internal and external actions and post-graduate students engagement prompting a successfully organized CBQF.

CBQF is coordinated by a directive board, including the director – Manuela Pintado and 4 Deputy Directors: António Rangel, Marta Vasconcelos, Freni Tavaria and João Cortez.

There is a SCIENTIFIC Strategic GROUP comprising the 4 Research Group Coordinators and the directive board that provide important outputs for annual reports and keep track on scientific excellence.

Manuela Pintado
Manuela Pintado

Head of the CBQF

António Rangel
António Rangel

Head of External
relations and
post-graduation activities

Marta Vasconcelos

Head of Scientific
strategy and

Freni Tavaria

Head of Infrastructure and
scientific platforms

João Cortez

Head of Financing, sustainability
and career development

Governance Model