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Healthy PETFOOD: PetFood formulations to promote health and quality of life.


The HealthyPETFOOD project comprises the design of new PetFood formulations to promote health and quality of life, based on functional lipid fractions from fish by-products, peptide fractions by physico-chemical and enzymatic methods and of high value for autohydrolysis.


The agri-food industry generates a high amount of by-products with a high economic and environmental impact. SEBOL and ITS (Indústria Transformadora de Subprodutos) process animal by-products into products for the animal feed and energy market. By joining this project with research centers, the conditions are guaranteed to investigate and maximize the value of by-products, studying new solutions to promote more value in animal feed. Thus, the proposal consists of enhancing the animal by-products chains (fish and meat) in obtaining high value peptide fractions after lipid recovery.

The research institutions involved in the present project will reconcile and combine the motivations, knowledge, and experiences necessary to carry out the project, in particular ESB, ICBAS IPB, UM. To complete the formulation phase of the ingredient for Petfood, the consortium integrates SORGAL, whose main business is the formulation and commercialization of compound feed for animals. Thus, this project will add value to simple fish or meat flours with perspectives of application in petfood, assuming the growing trend of humanization of the feed in this group of animals.


Animal by-products, Animal feed, Chains of animal by-products.


COMÉRCIO E INDÚSTRIA DE SEBO S.A (promoter); SORGAL-Sociedade de Óleos e Rações, S.A., I.T.S. – Indústria Transformadora de Subprodutos, S.A., Universidade Católica Portuguesa, Instituto Politécnico de Bragança, Universidade do Minho e Universidade do Porto.

Financing ProgramExecution DateGlobal Budget
European Regional Development Fund2020-20231.059.935,11 EUR
Manuela Pintadompintado@ucp.pt+351 22 55 800 00