BIOTALK “Exploitation of bioactive and nutritive compounds from waste parts of fruits, seeking development of new strategies for adding value to fruit wastes”

Friday, January 31, 2020 - 14:15

EBI Auditorium

The Faculty of Biotechnology is pleased to invite the entire community to attend at this CBQF / LAE Research Seminar.

Speaker: Teresa Brandão (ESB-CBQF)

Great quantities of waste and by-products of fruits and vegetables are discharged during industrial processing, with negative impacts on the environment. These products are abundant sources of bioactive compounds and nutrients, which are considered to have a beneficial health effect. The valorization of those compounds is a challenge, as well as the development of strategies to improve methods and ways of re-using wastes. This talk will address the main achievements of the exploitation of bioactive and nutritive compounds from wastes parts of fruits and assessment of the impact of preservation processes and storage on the bionutritive profile of these products.