BIOTALK: Tackling analytical challenges in environmental monitoring: light vs heavy/dark side of the force

Friday, February 28, 2020 - 14:15

Auditorium -100 EBI


Speaker: Prof. António Rangel

Monitoring environmental samples pose a number of significant analytical challenges: frequent need for analyte enrichment; minimization of interferences; need for efficient sampling procedures; cope with a wide range of analyte concentrations; achieve speciation of different forms of the analyte; search for greener chemistries; reducing sample consumption without compromising representativeness of the target material. To tackle the above-mentioned challenges, the use of in-line separation have emerged as powerful tools to increase the selectivity and sensitivity of flow-based methods, and yet maintaining the major advantages of its use, namely the relative simplicity, low cost, and good reproducibility. In this scenario, some contributions of the group on this line of work will be presented.