CBQF 30 Years Anniversary Seminar 4: The role of advanced biofuels in global energy transition

Thursday, May 27, 2021 - 17:00

In the scope of CBQF celebration of its 30 years is organizing a Cycle of Seminars about several topics related with the different areas of research. The 4th Seminar titled “The role of advanced biofuels in global energy transition”, will be held on May 27th at 5:00pm.



Brief Abstract

Advanced biofuels, produced with agricultural residues - sugar cane, wheat, rice, corn and other biomasses can have a relevant role in supporting energy transition. With this technology it is possible to increase biofuels production using the same land. This means that countries with land use limitations could use their agricultural residues to produce biofuels resting assured they wouldn’t be enhancing deforestation or other harming consequences.

It is clear that we need renewable and sustainable solutions to power our global energy matrix. Countries, states, cities and companies have set up goals and committed to overcome this challenge.
Biomass and biofuels have all the attributes to power this transition. As flexible as hydrocarbons they share a common ancestral with fossil fuels (yes, today’s oil was yesterday’s forest) and almost everything manufactured using oil could in theory be produced using sugar (or biomass).


Short biography

My job is to develop businesses and products in renewable energy, supporting energy transition while creating low carbon solutions for our clients.

I’m CEO of Raízen Biomass and Board Member of Raízen’s Renewable business companies –  Iogen Energy Corporation and Raízen Geo Biogas S.A. I also act as Vice-Chairman of ABBI (Brazilian Association of Bio innovation) and a Board member of ABiogás (Brazilian Biogas Association).

Our renewable business portfolio includes: cogeneration of electricity using sugarcane residues (we have 1GW of installed capacity and generate around 2.6TWh of energy early); a pioneer biogas project using vinasse and filter cake to produce biomethane and electricity (with 21MW installed capacity is one of the largest biogas plants in the world); advanced biofuels projects – using bagasse and sugarcane straw to produce second generation ethanol and biochemicals (Raízen has one of the only plants in the world currently operating at commercial scale - capacity of 40MML ethanol per year); and production of biomass pellets using sugarcane residues used as a coal substitute in industrial burners. In my previous role, I was responsible for creating an innovation area for Raízen as Head of Raízen Ventures.

My background is in law, and prior to my career transition I was Legal Director, Head of Corporate and M&A of Raízen. During this period, I designed and implemented Raízen’s Compliance Program, and lead several national and international M&A deals and capital market projects. My team was awarded best M&A team in Latin America by the International Law Office (ILO).

I graduated in law from UFF in Rio and started my career at Shell Brazil in the legal corporate area in 2003. I’m passionate about energy transition and migration to a low carbon circular economy. My ambition is to support this transition, while making the world a better place for generations to come.