CBQF 30 Years Anniversary Seminar 5: Post COVID challenges in food processing and value chains

Thursday, July 15, 2021 - 17:00

In the scope of CBQF celebration of its 30 years, CBQF is organizing a Cycle of Seminars about several topics related with different areas of research. The 5th Seminar titled “Post COVID challenges in food processing and value chains" will be held on July 15th at 5:00pm.

Brief Abstract

Pandemic emergency exploded during a growing concern related to the necessity to tackle several other urgent issues for the sustainability of the planet, especially in relation to the food demand for an increasing plant population.

Lockdowns carried out in many Countries have changed some consumers’ attitude and preferences and the food industries around the world needed to put strong efforts to encounter the incoming shifts. On the other hand, many food sectors have had a tough business reduction (e.g. catering and restaurants) and the food needs is ongoing changing some business models toward food delivery in a growing interest of short chains.

In those scenarios, the research in the food technology and food engineering areas is called to contribute even more to give answers to the increasing and new needs of the food market both globally and locally, as well as the needs to consider the strategies to reduce the impact of the pandemic in the food production and supply chain.

On the other hand, the relationship between the increase of the pandemic breakouts and the climate change, witnessed by environment scientists, even considering the land demand for more food, leads our attention to a better use of the natural sources, as more sustainable food sources rather than power and water resources with lower environmental impact.

Thus, the speech will address consumers’ shift demands and following changes in the food market as well as the analysis of the possible interventions to reduce energy and natural sources impacts with new food technologies in a changing context where also the increase of the food delivery has to be considered.

Finally, the use of non-thermal technologies, as cold plasma treatments to sanitize foods themselves and food contact materials, will be reported even considering the efficacy against SARS-COV2 contaminations.


Short biography

Marco Dalla Rosa, MSc in Agricultural Sciences at the University of Bologna, curriculum of Food Biotechnology; PhD in Food Biotechnology. On 1985-2000 lecturer, then researcher and associate professor at the University of Udine. From 2000 Full Professor of Food Science and Technology and Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree Course in Food Technology at the University of Bologna, Campus of Food Sciences of Cesena. President of the Italian Coordination of Food Science and Technology Degree Courses.

From 2011 to 2018 Director of the Interdepartimental Centre on Agrifood Industrial Research of the University of Bologna.

Author or co-author of more than 300 scientific papers, invited speaker in over 200 events in national and international events (ORCID https://orcid.org/0000-0002-0405-7026, H-index Google Scholar 44, Scopus 35,; citations more than 5000 in Scopus and over 8000 in Google Scholar). Scientific responsible of several regional and national research projects, coordinator of the EU FOODSPROCESS (Marie Curie) project and O.U. of EU projects: FAIR: CA on osmotic dehydration; KBBE: Heatox, CHANCE, Track-Fast, Rescape, Core Organic Plus Ecoberries, and FoodNet, Iseki Food 1-2-3-4. ISEKI_Mundus 1-2). Chair of the EFFoST Conference in Bologna (2013) and co-chair of the Foodinnova® Conference in Cesena (2017). Chair of the Value Chain PrImPack in the frame of the CLUST-ER Agri-food sector of the Emilia Romagna Region. SISTAL Advisory Board member, ISEKI Food Association Advisory Board member. Former EFFoST Executive Committee Member. GHI Ambassador & WG Global Incident Alert Networks co-chair. Member of the Expert Review Panel of Swedish Research Council Formas . PRIN PLASMAFOOD Project National Coordinator. PTEP Serbia Honorary Lifetime Member. Iseki_Food Academy award.