Launch of the INSURE.HUB - Innovation in Sustainability and Regeneration Hub

Wednesday, October 27, 2021 - 14:30




Sustainability and Regeneration are key areas for organizations today, in line with what is proposed by the European Green Deal. INSURE.hub is an initiative whose main objective is to create a vibrant international ecosystem of transdisciplinary knowledge that promotes business solutions with a circular, sustainable and regenerative scope, powered by disruptive technologies. It results from the mobilization of Universidade Católica Portuguesa, in Porto, through its Schools - Católica Porto Business School and Faculty of Biotechnology - and of Planetiers New Generation, along with a set of national and international entities that constitute themselves as thought leaders and agents of Transformation for Sustainability and Regeneration.

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14:30 Opening Remarks

Isabel Capeloa Gil | Rector | Universidade Católica Portuguesa
Isabel Braga da Cruz | President | Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto

14:40 Brief presentation of INSURE.hub - “Innovation for Sustainability and Regeneration Hub”

Manuela Pintado | Director | Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF/ESB/UCP)
João Pinto | Vice-President Católica in Porto | Católica Porto Business School
António Vasconcelos | Co-Leader | Planetiers New Generation

15:05 European Survey Corporate: Sustainability, Innovation and Leadership

Edwin Janssen | Sustainable Growth Associates - The Natural Step Germany

15:20 Backcasting from net-zero and from positive pursuits enabled by tech acceleration

Rüdiger Rohrig | CEO SGA | TNS-Germany

15:40 Panel discussing the findings of the survey and the challenges ahead

Symington, Grupo Bel, Bondalti
Edwin Janssen and Rüdiger Rohrig


16:10 Future-Fit Business as a navigation toolkit aligned with backcasting

Tom Bregman | Future-Fit Foundation, UK

16:30 Sustainable & regenerative financing and investing

Telmo Valido | Hudson Advisors (private equity), UK
Tom Bregman | Future-Fit Foundation, UK
João Pinto | Católica Porto Business School

16:50 Green Deal – a mandate for sustainability and regeneration

João Cortez | R&D I Funding Advisor | CBQF/ESB/UCP

17:05 Regenerative business – the new wave

John Fullerton | CEO Capital Institute

17:25 Case study of Circular and Sustainable Innovation: Alchemy

John Melo | CEO Amyris Inc, US
Manuela Pintado | Scientific Coordinator of the Alchemy Project

17:40 Example of an international movement into regeneration with corporates

Paolo DiCesare | Co-Leader | Nativa Lab, BCorp Italy and Regeneration 2030 in talk with John Fullerton and Sérgio Ribeiro | Co-Founder, Planetiers

17:55 Open Discussion: Ambition and scope of the INSURE.hub, the road ahead

Moderator: António Vasconcelos | Co-Leader, Planetiers New Generation

18:15 Closing Words

Paula Castro | Dean | Escola Superior de Biotecnologia
Rui Sousa | Dean | Católica Porto Business Schoo


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