Microalgae-bacterial granular sludge systems: a more sustainable way to treat aquaculture effluents

Friday, July 01, 2022 - 14:15

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In the wastewater treatment sector, the microalgal-bacterial based processes have attracted increasing attention for their lower energy demand, cost-effectiveness, and potential resource recovery. These processes take advantage of the self-synchronized microalgal photosynthesis and bacterial respiration to turn the process more environment-sustainable.

The aquaculture industry has grown rapidly. For the intensification of the land-based aquaculture production, an increasingly growing amount of water input is needed, and consequently large volumes of wastewater will be generated. Currently, the expansion of the aquaculture sector is offset not only due to the lack of space and water supplies, but also due to the concerns about waste outputs or other potential negative impacts. The potential of microalgal-bacterial granular sludge processes to help land-based aquaculture industries to growth in a sustainable manner will be presented.