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EXTRATOTECA - High Added Value Microalgae

Saturday, January 01, 1970 - 1:00

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EXTRATOTECA - High Added Value Microalgae is a Research and Development (R&D) project that aims to create a bank of microalgae extracts with worldwide representation. Extratoteca will include extracts of around 1500 microalgae already identified by Portuguese institutions and may include in its catalogue extracts validated by partners worldwide.

The initial work will focus on a set of isolated microalgae extracts from 30 species of which 15 are already used commercially and another 15 are already isolated but not exploited commercially. For each species, various production technologies and at least five extraction processes will be tested. Extracts with relevant biological activity are sought for the target markets of health, cosmetics, food and feed and fertilizers.

This project is a joint effort of several entities: the company A4F coordinates Extratoteca and, in addition to ESB, the partners include CIIMAR, the Polytechnic of Porto, the University of Aveiro and the University of Minho. The work, which started in November 2019, will extend for 3 years. At ESB, research will be supervised by senior researcher Prof. Rui C Morais, who has been working in this area for about 25 years.