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Study analyzing the impact of legume consumption on health seeks volunteers

Saturday, January 01, 1970 - 1:00

The Faculty of Biotechnology (ESB) of UCP has a scientific study called "Impulse: Impact of PULSE-based partial replacement on metabolome and health." integrated into a PhD project in Biotechnology, to be held at ESB in partnership with the University of Aveiro. The study results from the global need for the adoption of more sustainable food production and consumption systems, both from the environmental and from the population's point of view.

Within this project volunteers interested in participating are sought. Participation implies the daily consumption of a vegetarian meal based on legumes, over a period of 8 consecutive weeks (5 times a week, from Monday to Friday). During this period, you can enjoy the free lunch meal at the Kitchen lab of the Escola Superior de Biotecnologia, located at the Asprela campus da Católica in Porto. During this time, the researchers collect some biological samples (blood, urine, feces) and apply some questionnaires that will allow us to respond to our research questions. If you would like to participate, sign up here.


To date, more than 30 people have participated in the study and left their testimony:

"The IMPULSE project beyond the comfort with which we are received, the confection of the dishes and the seasoning have always been a pleasant surprise. This has made me adopt the replacement of at least one vegetarian meal based on legumes. In addition, it is always beneficial to contribute to a change in the improvement of our health and who knows, to have an impact on the health policies of our country. "

Poliana Silva


"As a first volunteer experience in a scientific study, the IMPULSE project was a pleasant surprise! The conduction of the project, complex by the components that are attached to it, was very well directed by Helena Ferreira, making the two months of involvement very facilitated. The experience of being linked to vegetarian meals was surprisingly positive, not only because the dishes were varied and well-made, but also because they had not felt any kind of symptoms, often associated with this type of food pattern. I recommend participation in this study, not only because it is interesting from a personal point of view, but also because it is fundamental that each of us contribute to the advancement of science. "

Joana Silveira


"Participation in IMPULSE was a very positive experience because I started to consume legumes that I did not normally ingest. The dishes served surprised me a lot and also the fact that I had not felt any intestinal discomfort during these two months, something I was afraid of at first. The evaluations, although demanding, have made participation in this project very interesting and we feel useful in helping to achieve this kind of scientific studies. “

Marta Guimarães


"Participation in IMPULSE brought the opportunity to make what would be the most unhealthy full meal of the day in something beneficial to our health. It was possible through this study to observe improvements in health and to know new ways of cooking legumes. To highlight that initially I did not feel able to make totally vegetarian meals. However, I am currently making vegetarian dishes in my day-to-day life, as I have learned that it is possible to make really good meat and fish dishes (for example, soy bolognese and tofu curry). It was a very positive experience! It's worth dare! "

Filipa Soares



January 2019