António César da Silva Ferreira

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

António César da Silva Ferreira

Antonio Ferreira received his Ph.D. in Biological and Medical Sciences, from University Victor Segalen of Bordeaux2. The work of doctoral focused on the identification and quantification of odorants associated with Port wine "quality".

Since then, he has been a researcher at ESB-UCP on flavour chemistry and currently his an Invited Assistant Professor at ESB-UCP engaged of different chemistry courses. Since 2010 he has been appointed as invited Full Professor in Flavour Chemistry at Stellenbosch University on the IWBT-DVO department. More recently Antonio took the role of Product Development and Innovation Manager at Cork Supply Portugal.

His research focuses on Metabolomics a technique that aims to obtain the molecular description both qualitative and quantitative of a biological system. Signal processing algorithms are used aiming to consolidate the signal obtained from different analytical techniques in order to extract relevant information about the systems. This systems approach enables to a better understanding of the phenomenon under study.

Most of his works have been in collaboration with Portuguese Wine/Beer companies or other research groups and international companies in Europe such as UNILEVER.

Currently Antonio Ferreira is the coordinator of the Metabolomics Platform in ESB-UCP His laboratory is also devoted to the development of non-destructive sensors monitoring key molecules related with quality and therefore suited to be use on line during production.




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