CBQF has five Task Forces, each with its own team, that engages researchers and PhD students, and that have been created to implement relevant dynamics and activities of the Centre:



This task force promotes the dissemination of research achievements through a comprehensive communication strategy to the stakeholders and to society in general, in order to reach the overall goal of showcasing CBQF’s activities. An active presence in the social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) is also actively promoted.

Technology Transfer and Partnerships

This task promotes research capacities and results through a regular plan of actions. Manages IP portfolio, promotes annual events for networking with companies, as is the Innovation Day, and promotes and supports the participation of Researchers in activities looking for the economic valorization of research – transference of technologies, innovation and pre-acceleration programs, brokerages, and scientific services to industry.



This task promotes external networking and plays a key role on the outreach strategy, constituting a critical support to research visibility and to ensure proper value proposition dissemination towards industry and research stakeholders. By organizing events such as “information day“, CBQF intends to act as a relevant platform for dissemination of funding opportunities. Furthermore, it aims at selecting and building relationships with external parties shaping a web of contacts for partnerships, strategic alliances in order to achieve or exceed CBQF strategic goals.

Researchers Engagement

This task organizes a number of events throughout the year aiming at building and sustaining a culture of scientific research among all members by fostering the internal communication and interaction and keeping researchers up to date about internal and external research activities and recent achievements. These events, such as research seminars, workshops, courses, etc., cover a wide range of topics across the subjects of the centre.


Platform 4.0

CBQF develops intensive and diverse R&D activities in well-equipped laboratories and using numerous technologies, which result in numerous publications, projects, patents, laboratory procedures and networks. This task force aims at systematically recollecting and making all this information available, not only to the internal research community, but also to the outside community through the internet according, assuring internationally recognized good practices for the management and dissemination of scientific data.