CBQF has five Task Forces, each with its own team, that engages researchers and PhD students, and that have been created to implement relevant dynamics and activities of the Centre:

Advanced Training

This Task Force aims to promote courses, workshops, short- and long-term training of CBQF researchers to continuously renew skills and competences (scientific, personal development, etc). Promote training activities directed at external entities.



Channels the communication of the research achievements through a comprehensive communication strategy to stakeholders with the overall goal of showcasing CBQF. Presence in the social media is also actively promoted.

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Society Engagement

The Society Engagement Task Force aims to communicate science to the community through the promotion of dissemination campaigns with schools and organisation of activities to captivate new students at different graduation levels, including young researchers.


External Engagement

External networking plays a key role in the outreach strategy, constituting a critical support to research visibility and ensuring a proper value proposition dissemination towards industry and research stakeholders. The external engagement task force aims at building relationships and strategic alliances with external parties shaping a web of contacts for partnerships

Internal Engagement

Organise events to foster a culture of scientific research among all members, keeping researchers up to date about internal and external research activities and recent achievements. These events include research seminars and lectures, leisure meetings, etc. in topics across CBQF research lines.


Operational facilitation

This task force is responsible for identifying needs and challenges in the different CBQF laboratories and facilitate overall facility management.

Science on Demand

Promote and optimise the synergies between existing services and promote new service platforms focused on academic and industrial partner needs. Development of tailor-made solutions to address issues and challenges faced by companies, strengthening the relationship between Academia and Industry and bringing knowledge closer to commercial demands.



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