Maria Manuela Estevez Pintado

Centre for Biotechnology and Fine Chemistry (CBQF)

Maria Manuela Estevez Pintado

B.Sc. in Pharmacy from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Porto (1991) and Ph.D. in Biotechnology from the Portuguese Catholic University (UCP) in 1999. She is Associate Professor, Director of CBQF – State Associate Laboratory and Associate Director of the College of Biotechnology of UCP. She is the leader of Biobased and Biomedical products group and coordinates the Bioactives and Bioproducts Research Laboratory. She has established strong interaction with industry mainly in food sector. Main research interest include development and characterization of bioactives and by-product valorization through bioprocesses and extraction processes aiming to obtain high-added value products to be applied to Food and other industries. She co-authored ca. 400 papers in international journals, a creator of 20 patents and she has been involved in the supervision/co-supervision of 34 concluded PhD theses, and coordinated/co-coordinated ca. 90 externally funded projects. She has an h-index of 45 with more than 8400 citations (November 2020).




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Campos, Débora A.; Coscueta, Ezequiel R.; Vilas-Boas, Ana A.; Silva, Sara; Teixeira, José A.; Pastrana, Lorenzo M.; Pintado, Maria Manuela. "Impact of functional flours from pineapple by-products on human intestinal microbiota". Journal of Functional Foods 67 (2020): 103830.


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